Designing Genius: Success Is an Inward Journey

Inside Designing Genius, you'll learn the secrets of living a life by design.  You'll discover that creating a genius life empowers you to show up to your life more intentionally, impactfully, and energetically. Too many of us never understand what we really want or how to ask the right questions to get those answers. With Designing Genius, you'll stay focused on the right things and eliminate those things that are no longer serving you.



David Meltzer

Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing
"Amilya's commitment to serving people to the fullest is demonstrated yet again in her latest book Designing Genius. This book will bring tremendous value to anyone looking to be more intentional in designing their business or life." 

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia
"As a heart officer, what I know to be true is when you focus on people everything grows for good. Amilya and Designing Genius guide leaders to serving with greater impact with longer term results."

Mark Victor Hanson

Co-creator of ASK! and Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
"My friends, Amilya and Patricia, will turn on the lightbulbs in your soul, heart, and mind so you can excite, awaken, and realize your genius within and show it without. The world needs you to express your genius."


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Are You Ready To Design Your Genius Life?


Living a life by design, which we call "designing genius," does not come naturally or by accident.

And not for lack of trying keeps us spinning our wheels. Many of us have tried all kinds of personal development tactics that leave us trying to solve the wrong problems. We live within the noise of wanting more money, time, or happiness, which are not the real issues. In Designing Genius, readers unlock what they value most, so they can:

  • Make smart decisions regarding time, energy & focus
  • Understand what activities give them energy
  • Create guardrails and boundaries based on what they need
  • Grow and develop in areas that lead to their highest self
  • Build healthy personal & professional relationships




  • Entrepreneurs: Those looking for tools to lead, manage and innovate their business while simultaneously pouring energy into their personal lives

  • Executives: Those looking to optimize all areas of their personal and professional lives

  • Parents: Those who want actionable tools to connect with their kids

  • Leaders: Those seeking new ways to build collaborative teams in a post-COVID world 

  • Educators: Those looking for new skills and tools to meet today's students where they are at


Amilya Antonetti

Amilya Antonetti is one of the most sought after human behaviorist and conflict resolution experts in the world. For more than 25 years, Amilya has dedicated her life to helping people and leaders through some of the most challenging and scariest parts of their lives.

Today, Amilya is the CEO and Creator of Designing Genius, a powerful training and licensing platform that changes the paradigm on how companies, opportunities, and our greatest asset, “THE PEOPLE” come together as we answer the call of the Gig Economy. 

The secret to creating the business, career, and life of your dreams is just one click away.

Because . . . the way you do one thing is the way you do EVERYTHING.

Patricia Wooster

Patricia is the founder of WoosterMedia Publishing, where she helps experts, leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs convert their intellectual property into print and digital products, so they can build brand awareness and reach a global audience. 

Today, Patricia is the CIO of Designing Genius, changing how companies and people reach their highest and greatest potential. She directs the in-house development of products and services while assisting clients, consultants, and companies in the development of their people. 

There's never been a better time to become the architect of your future identity.


Designing Genius is an empowering resource for every individual, employee & student ready to live their highest and best life. Get your entire team, organization, or group on board and start genius living today!


For inquiries regarding Designing Genius bulk sales, please get in touch with Patricia at [email protected]


Stephynie Malik

CEO and Crisis Expert, SMALIK Enterprises
"After reading Designing Genius, it is easy to see why companies are utilizing Designing Genius to fix their “people problems”. As a CEO who has spent over 20 years in global business consulting and crisis management, I can honestly say that the more leaders understand human behavior the less crisis they create." 

Michael Nouri

Screen and Stage Actor
"Amilya's commitment to serving people and designing healthier places to work and to create is an example all leaders can learn from."

Dr. Rolanda Schmidt

CEO, Management & Ministry Expert
"Amilya Antonetti has mastered the science of human behavior and seeks to empower every person she encounters. After experiencing a grave and life-altering tragedy, Amilya helped me to regain a positive mindset. She also devised a structured plan to optimize my goals. She’s a genius (no pun intended), and I’m honored to know her." 

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author 
"As business leaders, everything we do has a purpose. The goal is to be successful but how do we get there? Amilya’s book is the perfect ‘how-to’ for the world we live in. She gives readers the tools to be more intentional and let our actions guide us to achieve more impactful outcomes. Get out of your own way, buy the book & get started on the road to success!"

Renée Marino

Speake, Author & Communication Coach


"Designing Genius provides the behavior modification tools to bring your life and business to the next level. Give yourself the gift of this book and come back to it as often as you can.”

Dan Macuga

Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, USNA
"Designing Genius is a great reminder that people are a company’s greatest asset. This book shows that focusing on the people around you and being the best you possible is key to creating unity within the workplace."


For press and publicity inquiries regarding Designing Genius,
please contact Patricia at [email protected]