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Utilizing our People Operating System™unlock what is important to employees, and align it with company goals with our powerful system. This solution is ideal for any size organization with a people-first initiative to improve well-being and performance in the workplace. From small start-ups to enterprise organizations.

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Implementing the People Operating System™ into your life and business is simple with our comprehensive library of development videos and games that provide quick and easy answers and resources in categories such as: conflict resolution, communication, goal setting, team-building, and genius living.

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Putting People First Works

Companies that prioritize their people will not only find an increase in overall well-being but an increase in:

  • Loyalty and contribution to a company's community 
  • Communication and collaboration amongst team members
  • People working in their areas of genius and interests
  • Projects completed and company goals obtained
  • Measurable ROI in performance, satisfaction and growth

Equip your organization and clients for true alignment between individual and professional goals.


Learn how to maximize your role as a Consultant, Chief People Officer, Chief Heart Officer, or Employee Champion with our tools and resources. Designing Genius and increasing the well-being of your people is as simple as . . .

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Designing Genius

What if everything you thought about living your best life was wrong?

Living a life by design, which we call "designing genius," does not come naturally or by accident.

What if all that is standing between you and what you desire is just a few simple behavior changes away?


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