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🌟 Here's your chance to join our full Designing Genius program for adults to start your own personal growth journey.

DG offers an engaging community with weekly support and tools you can implement to help you, your partner, and your children live a life by design.

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DG KIDS ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Tired of Feeling Like You’re Not Enough? 

DG for Kids takes the overall concepts from our popular Designing Genius program and gives parents the tools to complete the activities with their kids.

We've broken each concept down for grades K-5, 6th-8th, 9th and beyond.

If you are feeling frustrated and too tired to come up with ideas to implement in your parenting relationship.

If basic chores and household management feel overwhelming every single day.

You need DG Kids!

The DG Kids Course is broken down into 3 steps to ensure an impactful learning journey.

  • Guide your child in designing their own genius lifebook.
  • Create a Job Board based your child's personalized skills and goals.
  • Design a conflict corner that will create a safe space to provide understanding and resolution.