Have you ever stopped and wondered "How in the heck did I get here? This wasn't what I wanted for my life?




Let us show you how to create the life you want and how to thrive when it comes to time, freedom, purpose, passion, and relationships.



Living A Genius Life  Does Not Happen By Accident. It's Carefully Created By . . .

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Lifebook Design

Design what has meaning to you and stop wasting your energy on things that don't matter. When you learn how to design how your life "feels" everything starts to move towards your desired outcome. It is not about doing more - it is about becoming more.

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Designing Genius is not about solo thinking. It's about the power in the collective. In this program, you have access to our private online community of like-minded people to build connections and foster ongoing learning.


Designing Genius

You Don't Need Another Tactic!

The beauty of behavior modification is it is simple and quick:

  • Identify why you do what you do
  • Decide if your actions are serving your desired outcomes
  • Efficient energy
  • Action based on that information

Human behavior and behavior modification are not therapy. It's not reliant on other people. And it puts us directly in the driver's seat with tools that work instantly.

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This program is for you if ...

✓ You want unlock your highest growth potential

✓ You are ready to start amplifying Time, Money, Focus, Freedom & Happiness

✓ You want to live your highest and best life with intention, energy, and impact

✓ You want to bring intentional living to your relationships, family and children

✓ You are ready for Genius Living!

Curious about what's inside? 

Here is what is included with this course:

Our Signature Program


1-Time Payment

  • Immediate and Full Access to the DG Training to create your Lifebook 
  • 54+ hours of Training with the DG Team
  • A momentum-focused Community for connection and support 
  • Complete access to our growth tools (Habit Trackers,  behavior videos, and more)
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You have to know WHAT YOU WANT before you GET what you deserve

Your "Rules Of the Game" for your life do not exist - You have to create them. 

Learn how to maximize your Time, Money, Focus, Freedom, and Identity...

With Designing Genius

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Meet Your Guides

Patricia Wooster

Author of 19 books. She has helped C-Level executives, professional athletes, and media personalities land major publishing contracts and convert their IP into programs and services.

She is a Founder and CIO of Designing Genius and directs in-house development of Designing Genius products and services while assisting clients and companies in solving the biggest issues facing organizations today.

Amilya Antonetti

One of the most sought-after Human Behavior and Strategic Advisor experts in the world. She has appeared as a regular business and behavior expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Dr. Phil.

She is a Founder and CEO of Designing Genius and is on a mission to bring her human behavior tools to the masses to heal unintended pain. 


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"Designing Genius has created a progressive way of living today. Repeatedly in recent years, I would attend growth conferences, business conferences & read book after book but nothing seemed to be changing. I am no longer in the same spiral to nowhere after joining the DG Community - the proven foundation of the group is transforming my life, my business & my family. Thank you Amilya, Patricia & Scot for creating such a beautiful community that allows us to be vulnerable."


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"As a habitual goal-setter and high achiever, there were other areas of my life in shambles! Luckily, I stumbled into the "Breakfast With Champions" room on Clubhouse and heard Amilya decoding people's lives, and my jaw just dropped at everything she said. I immediately signed up for the course and purchased the book so that I could work on those areas of my life where I was unfulfilled. In just two months, I've already seen so much progress and have developed new habits. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the year to see how different my life will look!"


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"I have found that many times I feel busy, but it's really busy in the mind, with can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, but in reality, i'm finding I have not executed the ideas. What I am learning in design genius is how to execute aligning myself energetically with my action items and give myself reflection time and allocated time. I find this takes radical honesty about what is really going on. I am now moving away from willpower to greater self-awareness and ease in doing difficult things. If you want to get somewhere, this course is a MUST-DO."



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Designing Genius Signature Program


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Designing Genius course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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