Living A Genius Life  Does Not Happen By Accident...


Designing Genius

Learn the formula that Amilya has been using for over 30 years.

You have to know WHAT YOU WANT before you GET what you deserve


Your "Rules Of the Game" for your life do not exist - You have to create them


Maximize your Time, Money, Focus, Freedom, and Identity


"Anything outside of self is the wrong answer. Your desired destination is an internal journey.  The way OUT is always IN."


Stop Guessing!

Stop listening to broke people. Don't take advice from someone who has never done it. Quiet the noise. Stop asking for permission to be who you were born to be. Stop collecting "likes" and start building your genius life.


Designing Genius

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You Don't Need Another Tactic!

The beauty of behavior modification is it is simple and quick:

  • Identify why you do what you do
  • Decide if your actions are serving your desired outcomes
  • Efficient energy
  • Action based on that information

Human behavior and behavior modification are not therapy. It's not reliant on other people. And it puts us directly in the driver's seat with tools that work instantly.

What if everything you learned about living your best life was wrong? 

Here is what is included with this course:

It all starts with a single word

Growth lives on the other side of your comfort zone. Because your natural tendency is on the dominate side of  either "Being" or "Doing" you will avoid the opposite when stressed or learning something new

  • Identify your "One Word" for the year that will serve as your north star
  • The only way for more power and impact is to INTENTIONALLY work on your non dominant behavior. Otherwise you are operating at 50%
  • You can not GROW from your Dominant side

Your brain only thinks about what it knows. In this course you are going to learn how to create focus in the areas you have the most opportunity to grow from

You only have so much energy to give

Energy is one of the key ingredients to your success. Physical, mental and emotional energy is what powers an individual's efficiency, motivation and opportunity:

  • In this module you will identify your 5 Areas of Focus for the year
  • You must understand ENERGY from both the STRAIN and THE RECOVERY side 
  • Your 5 areas become your minimum viable performance each day

You can not fill from an empty cup and your priorities should not get your leftovers.  

How are you measuring progress?

What you do not measure you lose. The secret to making progress in your 5 areas of focus is deciding what to say yes and no to:

  • In this module you are going to identify what "ingredients" add value to your life so you can ask for them and receive them. You can not get what you don't ask for
  • The ingredients are the difference between "doing life" versus "living life"
  • Your ingredients are the evidence that you are living your life of genius

The ingredients create maximum efficiencies in everything you do

What are your boundaries? 

When you don't set you standards someone will set them for you and it is often the minimum. 

  • In this module you are going to create your "Should" and "Should Not's"
  • Your standards are where you will find the gateway to confidence and your self worth
  • Designing Genius creates the rules for the game of your life so others can determine how to play...or not

Your identity, your purpose and how life "feels" is a by product of your boundaries

What does Genius Living look like for you? 

Design what has meaning to you and stop wasting your energy on things that don't matter:

  • In this module you will design your "Perfect Day" and learn how to celebrate it
  • If you don't know what a perfect day is for you - nobody can give it to you 
  • When you know what you want the entire universe will show up to bring it to you

When you learn how to design how your life "feels" everything starts to move towards your desired outcome. It is not about doing more - it is about becoming more


Community Mastermind 

Designing Genius is not about solo thinking. It is about the power in the collective.

  • Access to our private online community to build connection and learning.
  • Weekly calls with the Designing Genius team
  •  Additional tools and resources to help you with your growth. 

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Human Behavorist

Amilya Antonetti


Amilya Antonetti is one of the most sought after Human Behavior and Strategic Advisor experts in the world. She has appeared as a regular business and behavior expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Steve Harvey Show and Dr. Phil.

She has built or advised on over $2 Billion in sales for companies and high profile clients, such as, Steve Harvey, Mike Tyson, Listerine Strips, Sharper Image, Cold Stone Creamery and George Foreman. 

Amilya’s vision for a healthier relationship between people and companies has earned her global respect and numerous awards including the Women’s Economic Forum ”Women of the Decade 2019 Award”, Fastest Under Forty, ”Best Places to Work” (3 time winner), and the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneur Award. She has grown 7 clients onto Inc’s. 500 list and been nominated twice to Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of The Year”. 

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to unlock your highest growth potential
  • You are ready to start amplifying Time, Money, Focus, Freedom & Happiness
  • You want to live your highest and best life with intention, energy and impact

Start Designing Genius Today!

Get the "Designing Genius" Complete Digital Program



If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Designing Genius course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.