There Are Three BIG Problems Facing Kids Today...




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No Identity

Kids do not know what THEY want vs. what is expected from them. They don't know how to identify what they value most with a plan to pursue it.

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No Life Skills

Kids leave home without understanding wealth generation, critical thinking, independent readiness & self-management.

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No Communication

Kids do not know how to resolve conflict, develop solutions or communicate their feelings. They lack the ability to set boundaries.

Ready to teach your kids valuable life skills like . . .


✔️ Wealth Generation

✔️ Accountability

✔️ Goal Setting

✔️ Healthy Communication

✔️ How to identify their passions and what they value most?

DG Kids was created for kids grades K-12 with different learning paths at each stage.

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The DG Kids course is broken down into 3 steps to ensure an impactful learning journey

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A Lifebook is an intentional plan for how you want to spend your time, energy, and resources to live your highest and best life.

Your child will go through the process of designing their life, while fostering a deeper understanding of their needs and aspirations.


Job Boards are fun and empowering while teaching responsibility, wealth generation, and life skills.

Bulletin board, whiteboard, sticky notes on a wall, digital, it doesn't matter. You will customize this to fit your child's needs based on age and goals.

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A Conflict Corner is a safe space where two people can go to have an open and honest 2-way conversation.

In the Conflict Corner, we remove the concept of right and wrong and focus on understanding and resolution.

DG Kids Empowers Parenting Relationships. 🤓

DG Kids takes the overall concepts from our popular Designing Genius program and gives parents the tools to complete the activities with their kids.

Instead of asking your kids to sit down in front of a screen and watch long and detailed videos, we've packaged everything up into quick videos for the parents, followed by instructions and printables for the kids.

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

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Meet Your Guides

Patricia Wooster, 
other to Max & Jack

Author of 19 books including bestselling "Ignite Your Spark: Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out" for youth. And "Designing Genius" with Amilya Antonetti.

She is a Founder and CIO of Designing Genius and directs the in-house development of Designing Genius products and services while assisting clients and companies in solving the biggest issues facing organizations today.

Amilya Antonetti, Mother to David & Lucia

One of the most sought-after Human Behavior and Strategic Advisor experts in the world. She has appeared as a regular business and behavior expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Dr. Phil.

She is a Founder and CEO of Designing Genius and is on a mission to bring her human behavior tools to the masses to heal unintended pain. 

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