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We built the first personalized employee engagement platform


Disengaged employees cost $3,400 for every $10K in salary cost

Increase Engagement

Personalized Engagement Plans At Scale

The first step in creating a people strategy is creating true awareness of the behaviors that impact revenue and company objectives.

Our platform identifies where the organization has gaps, so you can develop tailored performance plans for supporting teams, departments, and business units.

Develop & Grow Employees

Employees Feel Seen,
Heard and Appreciated

Designing Genius guides employees through a process of discovery, helping them uncover their goals, aspirations, and what holds value to them. 

This information creates a dashboard where employees can track progress against their individual goals and objectives.

Empower Managers & Employees

One-on-One Conversations

The manager's dashboard facilitates the planning process for meaningful conversations.

✔︎ Performance, Attitude & Effort ratings

✔︎ Tailored coaching plans

✔︎ Conversation starters

✔︎ Opportunites for development

✔︎ Identify capacity for growth

Retain Top Performers

Key Behavior Indicators (KBI's) 

Confidence level reports for Belonging, Meaningful Work, and Growth and development identify opportunities and areas of risk.

This, paired with the manager-driven employee rating system, provides a manager-level perspective of the organization's performance bell curve. Take the guesswork out of how and where to deploy resources.

Attract Top Talent

Create a Reputation
for a Great Place to Work

The reality is that most employees want to make a meaningful contribution and be recognized for their work.

If more KPIs, OKRs and Employee Surveys were the answer, the engagement problem would already be solved.

Human behavior is a function of the person and their environment

Employees who don't feel like they belong will not fully engage. And employees who are not fully engaged will not perform to your standards

Go Beyond the Survey

Employee Engagement Scorecard

Belonging score
✅ Meaningful work score
✅ Growth and development score
✅ Performance score
✅ Attitude score
✅ Effort score
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69% of employees in the US are disengaged, according to McKinsey. Employee surveys are a great tool for certain applications. However, they lack specificity at the individual employee level. The Designing Genius system provides a blueprint for how to engage with employees at scale.

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