Boosting Business Success with Behavior Stacking: A Powerful Strategy

business productivity May 24, 2023

Do your work days feel like runaway freight trains? You know the days . . .  where everyone's fires and demands take over your schedule, and none of your work gets done. 

In today's competitive business landscape, finding effective strategies to enhance productivity, drive growth, and achieve success is crucial. One powerful approach that can significantly impact your business is behavior stacking. By combining small, positive actions into powerful routines, behavior stacking can help you maximize efficiency, create opportunities to work on your #1 priority and propel your business forward. 

Behavior stacking is rooted in the concept of habit formation and the idea that small actions, when combined, can have a profound impact. It involves identifying key behaviors or habits that, when performed consistently, contribute to business success. These can be simple actions, such as regular communication with team members, setting clear goals, or allocating time for skill development.


To implement behavior stacking in your business, start by identifying the specific behaviors that align with your goals and values. Reflect on the actions that can have the most significant impact on productivity, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, or any other key areas of focus in your business. Consider behaviors that can be easily integrated into daily routines and are within the realm of possibility for your team.


Once you have identified the relevant behaviors, it's time to create a behavior stacking plan. Start by breaking down the desired behaviors into actionable steps or micro-actions. These small, manageable actions can be performed consistently and gradually built upon over time. For example, if your goal is to improve customer service, a micro-action could be to greet customers with a warm smile and personalized greetings upon their arrival.


Triggers and cues play a vital role in behavior stacking. They serve as reminders and prompts to engage in the desired behaviors. Identify specific triggers or cues that will prompt you to perform the micro-actions consistently. This could be setting reminders on calendars, using visual cues in the workplace, or establishing specific routines that prompt the desired behaviors. Pro tip: Anchor the new behavior to something you are already doing well and consistently to serve as the trigger.


Accountability is key to the success of behavior stacking. Encourage your team members to hold themselves (and you) accountable for practicing the desired behaviors. Regularly review progress, provide feedback, and recognize individuals or teams that consistently demonstrate the desired actions. This fosters a community of continuous improvement and reinforces the importance of behavior stacking in achieving business goals.

Here's an example of behavior stacking at work:

Goal: Consistently spend time each week creating or improving a product or service.

Current Blockers: Tasks, meetings, and internal team follow-up.

Micro-Action: Time-block (1) day on your calendar to work on projects. Communicate your lack of availability to your team.

Trigger: On that day, get your creative juices flowing by taking a long walk to think about the project.

Accountability: Hold yourself accountable by making this activity non-negotiable. Ask someone on your team for support by making them the main contact in your absence.

Behavior stacking is a powerful strategy that can revolutionize how your business operates. By identifying key behaviors, breaking them down into micro-actions, establishing triggers, and fostering accountability, you can create positive habits that drive success. Embrace behavior stacking as a fundamental approach to productivity, growth, and excellence in your business. Start small, be consistent, and witness the remarkable impact it can have on your team's performance and overall business outcomes.

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