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Unlocking Successful Relationships: Overcoming Lack of Clarity and Communication Issues relationships Feb 22, 2023

By Patricia Wooster

Relationships are complicated. Think about it: two people (sometimes more) come together with different wants, needs, and desires, trying to create and maintain a connection. Bottom line: it isn’t easy. 

Two of the...

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Avoiding Conflict: Why Speaking Up is Essential for a Healthy Relationship relationships Feb 14, 2023

By Patricia Wooster

In relationships, it is common for one or both partners to avoid expressing their thoughts and feelings when something bothers them. This often builds tension that eventually explodes or causes one person to walk away. However,...

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Why a Relationship With YOU Is What Matters Most future self relationships Feb 06, 2023

By Patricia Wooster

To truly design a genius life, you must first start with YOU. This may sound like common sense, but how often have you canceled or put off doing something for yourself to help someone else? If you are not taking care of...

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