Entrepreneur Leans into Podcasting and Building Relationships: An Insightful Conversation with C-Roc

goals relationships Jun 06, 2023

In a recent interview at Secret Knock, C-Roc, an entrepreneur with a passion for podcasting and building relationships, shared insights into his journey and the projects he is currently focused on. With a unique ability to connect with people and a dedication to making a positive impact, C-Roc has quickly made a name for himself in the business world. In this article, we delve into the highlights of the conversation, exploring C-Roc’s entrepreneurial ventures, his morning routine, and his perspective on unconditional love and personal growth.

Unearthing Diamonds: From Podcast Guest to Podcast Agency Founder:

C-Roc's entrepreneurial journey began about three and a half to four years ago when he discovered the untapped potential of his podcasting network. Having appeared as a guest on over 400 shows and hosted more than 350 episodes of his own, C-Roc realized the value of his vast database of shows. This revelation led him to start a podcast agency, aiming to help others navigate the podcasting world and leverage its power for personal and professional growth.

The Power of Building Relationships:

C-Roc's ability to connect with people can be traced back to his early experiences, particularly his grandfather's outgoing nature. Growing up around brokenness and a desire to help others, C-Roc developed a genuine passion for building relationships and assisting those in need. He believes that everyone has the potential for charisma and connection, but societal experiences often create layers of armor that hinder these innate qualities. C-Roc emphasizes the importance of peeling back these layers to let one's authentic light shine.

Morning Routine and Embracing Personal Growth:

Recognizing the challenges and loneliness that often accompany entrepreneurship, C-Roc emphasizes the significance of establishing a morning routine. His routine begins with gratitude and visualization, setting the tone for the day ahead. By envisioning the person he aspires to be and his desired impact on the world, C-Roc ignites his motivation and purpose. Even during difficult times, he encourages himself to keep going and finds solace in the gym, where he aims to make his surroundings feel his energy.

The Evolution of Identity and Embracing Unconditional Love:

C-Roc reflects on the various phases and transformations he has experienced throughout his life, likening them to different chapters and identities. He believes that people evolve over time, shaped by their relationships, experiences, and personal growth. Central to C-Roc's philosophy is the idea of unconditional love and not letting others' actions or words offend or affect him negatively. He finds that by embracing unconditional love and avoiding offense, forgiveness becomes unnecessary.

Supporting Men and Embracing Unconditional Love:

When asked about what women could do to better support men in today's changing landscape of masculine and feminine energies, C-Roc expresses his admiration for women and their intrinsic qualities. He believes that the key to supporting one another lies in practicing unconditional love, regardless of gender. By unconditionally loving others, one can transcend offense and create an environment where everyone feels elevated and empowered.

C-Roc's entrepreneurial journey and commitment to building relationships through podcasting and personal connections highlight the power of authenticity and gratitude. By embracing a morning routine, envisioning personal growth, and practicing unconditional love, he has created a positive impact in the lives of others. As C-Roc continues to evolve and inspire, his dedication to helping people shine their brightest serves as a testament to the potential within each individual to make a difference.

C-Roc can be found on Instagram @mikeycroc and at www.peoplebuildinginc.com


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