Not All Habits Are Created Equal

productivity Nov 14, 2022

By Patricia Wooster

For those of you who join Amilya regularly on Clubhouse, you know she discusses human behavior and where it is rooted (where it originally comes from) every week. One topic of discussion that comes up repeatedly through questions and in the chat is "habits." Some of you are interested in creating new and healthy habits, and others are interested in eliminating habits that are no longer serving you. 

Whether good or bad, it is important to understand your habits' origin and where they are rooted. Start by asking yourself:

#1 What is the purpose of this habit?

#2 Why did this habit come to be? Or why do I want to create this new habit?

#3 What is (or will) this habit do for me?

For good habits you wish to continue or create, this information becomes a motivating factor by establishing the "why" behind it. Use this to generate the momentum to be consistent with your habit. And for bad habits, find a way to replace the undesired behavior with something new that serves you in a better way. 

To create a new habit, use a psychological pattern called a "habit loop." This automates the behavior and allows your brain to work less. According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, "The brain can almost completely shut down. ... And this is a real advantage because it means you have all of this mental activity you can devote to something else." Create your 3-step pattern with a:

  • Reminder - the trigger that initiates the behavior. This tips you into Default mode. 
  • Routine - the behavior itself; the action you take. Identify the small actions and the steps in this habit.
  • Reward - the benefit you gain from doing the behavior

Once you have your habit in place, it is important to regularly self-assess and ask yourself the (3) questions from the beginning of this article. Knowing whether our behaviors and habits are still serving us as we grow and develop into our highest and best selves is essential.



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