The Secret Formula to Making Massive Change In Your Life

goals Apr 11, 2023

AWA is a concept that stands for Awareness, Will, and Action. This thought chain is a helpful tool for those who want to make positive changes in their lives. The AWA process involves becoming aware of a behavior or thought, deciding whether to continue or change that behavior and then taking action to make that change.

The first step of AWA is becoming AWARE. This means becoming conscious of a behavior or thought that might be affecting our lives in either a positive or negative way. Awareness can come from various sources, such as personal reflection, feedback from others, or experiences in life. Once we are aware of something, we can begin to evaluate whether it is serving us well or not.

Once we become aware, it is necessary to ask, “Am I WILLING?” This involves deciding whether we are willing to change the behavior or thought we have become aware of. Often, people may be aware of something that is not serving them well but are unwilling to make a change. It's important to note that being unwilling to make a change is okay, but it does mean that the desired change will not occur.

Finally, the third step of AWA is taking ACTION. This means that a person must be both aware and willing to make a change in their behavior or thought process. Taking action requires effort and commitment, and it involves asking, “What actions will I take to show up differently than the behavior I am now aware of?” Taking action can be difficult, but it is necessary to make positive changes in our lives.

The AWA thought chain is a powerful tool for self-improvement. It encourages us to become aware of our behaviors and thoughts and then make a conscious decision about whether we want to continue or change them. The willingness to change is essential, and taking action is the final step to making positive changes in our lives.

Here's an example of AWA in action:

John is struggling with procrastination. He puts off important tasks until the last minute, causing him to feel stressed and overwhelmed. He realizes that this behavior is not serving him well (AWARE).

John decides that he is WILLING to make a change and takes ACTION by creating a plan to overcome his procrastination. He starts by breaking down his tasks into smaller, more manageable steps and setting deadlines for each step. He also seeks support from his coworkers by sharing his goals with them and asking for accountability.

By taking action, John can overcome his procrastination habit and become more productive. He feels less stressed and more in control of his work. AWA helped John identify a problem behavior, evaluate its impact, and take action to change it.

Remember this simple formula:

Awareness + Willingness + Action = Movement

AWA is a behavioral thought chain that encourages us to become aware of our thoughts and behaviors, decide whether we want to continue or change them, and then take action to make those changes. By using this tool, we can make positive changes in our lives, live more intentionally, and design genius in the areas of our lives that matter most.

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